Here you will see a Review of our recent Developments.



You can equip this bike with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive from 150W to ???kW. “Feed” it from 15 to 45 Ah at 36 or 48 Volts! If you’ve got a licence for a “horse”, swap your pedals for footrests. With 2 motors or a “fat” motor of 2kW or more at the back, you can feed it 60 Ah at 48 or more Volts. This means you can get around without all the noise and smell!


Add a two-wheeled chassis to your bike and you’ll soon have a trike! Lose the swingarm and get more room in the back!


With three or four wheels, you can turn your “horse” into a “carriage” that can carry passengers with two or four legs! If you want to use it to transport cargo, simply swap the seats for a box!


Four aluminium rods at the back and a “solar hat” on top: when the sun shines, you can forget about charging


Tested with front-wheel and rearwheel drive. This frame has been tested with motors from 250W to 750W. For people from 135cm to 185cm in height (test person in photo 162cm - 64kg)


A moto retro look frame now with electric power, dressed up like his big brother! Thanks to its very far forward and very low saddle, a child of 10, 11 or 12, or even those small in stature but big in ambition can ride


With the same frame and finish, larger wheels and a 500W motor at the front. With an additional derailleur at the front. By moving the seat upwards and backwards, even a “big un” of up to 185cm can ride past and wave at the crowd!!

Summary of our developments

TOTALLY ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY – with government sponsorship in many countries! Useable: as a bike, trike or all-terrain vehicle for carrying passengers (taxi, cargo taxi/delivery service) Markets: almost all countries in the world. Dependent on the wide range of possible variations for useable materials as well as add-ons and conversion options. During our development process, we made sure that we can use almost all parts (batteries, controllers, motors, gearshifts, steering, forks, battery casings/”tanks”, fenders, saddles, panniers etc) for both frames. The SMOOTHCAT VARIO model can be powered by eight battery cells, 24V / 15Ah and a 250W motor to reach 25km/h max = PEDELEC. Thanks to our slide-in battery system, you can use four more battery cells to increase the voltage to 36V and install a 500W motor. The controller adjusts automatically. (SPEDELEC 40km/h max.) We’ve mostly been thinking about school pupils, who are allowed to use a PEDELEC in their younger years but can then get a licence to “upgrade” to an S-PEDELEC by adding/replacing a battery, motor and, if desired, larger tyres. We’ve also thought of countries with shorter average heights that want to get around comfortably in this way. Suitable for people from 135cm to 185cm in height. The POWERCAT COMFORT model without and/or with add-on chassis is a customisable vehicle for today’s world! As a PEDELEC: with front and/or back gear box, with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive motor, with small or larger wheels, with single saddle, with optional aluminium baggage holders or panniers. Suitable for people from 155cm to 195cm in height. As an S-PEDELEC: same equipment as the PEDELEC but with a more powerful motor - front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. It’s also possible to swap the single saddle for a double bench with additional integrated batteries. This significantly increases the range and lets two people travel together. As a MOPED/MOTORBIKE: same equipment as the S-PEDELEC. Swap pedals for footrests and add another battery block in the middle. 2 motors (all-wheel drive) or a powerful rear-wheel drive motor. As a TRIKE: our 2-wheel add-on is docked onto the frame in front of the swingarm, which is then removed along with the back wheel. If the PEDELEC or MOPED is equipped with a front-wheel drive motor, this change can be made in just 15 minutes! This version is also very well suited to cargo transport - especially thanks to the large space between the two back wheels. Single-wheel suspension means that the add-on chassis can be equipped with two motors and controlled by an electronic differential. As an ATV: (1 wheel at the front - 3 at the back) this creates a vehicle for transporting cargo and passengers with central suspension that balances out uneven terrain very well. After the rear add-on is removed, it can be used as a PEDELEC, S-PEDELEC, moped or motorbike. (Depending on the motor) As a self-sufficient vehicle (three or four wheels): complete with a solar roof (protection from sun and rain), with 2-3 battery sets in combination with our own electronic switching system. This facilitates self-sufficient use without charging in areas with long periods of intense sun. Alternatively, the solar roof can also be used as a charging station e.g. when camping. Or as a shade/shelter on outdoor trips. This versatility means extra value for money.